About melbourne run crew

About Melbourne Run Crew:

Melbourne Run Crew is a social running group in the Bayside area of Melbourne, Australia. It started as a way to combine both, the love for running and the constant need for a pain and injury free body. Professional treatments of sports and remedial massage are available to all general public. Discounted rates apply for our athletes and also for any regular clients.  Running clients are rewarded with 10% discount off all remedial massages.

Personalised online coaching programs are available to anyone who wishes to improve their health, fitness, lose weight, set a new pb. With experienced remedial massage treatments available, there is something on offer for everyone. There are regular running sessions being held each week. Some runners will also try to line up group runs over weekends via the Strava club page. 

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About Dion Finocchiaro:

Dion is a professional athlete specialising in distance running. He has age group records and an Australian record for running 85.037km in 6 hours around an athletics rack. He has represented Australia at the 100km World Championships in Spain in 2016.

His career started out as a chef, working in numerous locations including London, Cumbria (England), Melbourne CBD and the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

After his apprenticeship and working numerous 90+ hour weeks. He decided to start getting back into fitness and ventured out to improve his health. Going to the gym and running were some of his childhood hobbies.

Over a number of 5 or so years, he slowly decreased his cooking hours and embarked on personal career change and completed a cert iv of massage therapy with Sage Massage in 2014, a Diploma of Remedial Massage with Victoria University (2016), Level 1 Sports Trainers course with Sports Medicine Australia (2016) and levels 1 & 2 recreational running coaching with Athletics Australia (2015 & 2016 respectively). In 2017 Dion will further his education and embark on an advanced diploma in Myotherapy with Victoria University.

His passion, commitment, professionalism and dedication to improving his and others’ health is what makes him an excellent therapist and running coach. He comes with a wealth of experience and connections in the health & fitness industry.

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